November 1, 2018

After threat of the removal of her ability to perform the essential functions of her position while under a Reasonable Accommodation, and also being issued the directive to go on unpaid short-term disability; the client reached out to Pitre and Associates for assistance. After working on the case for just over three months, this firm was able to secure the client’s position with the Agency and allow her to continue to perform her duties under a 100% telework agreement.  

The client had the following to add to this success story: “I was so appreciative of the professionalism of the people at Pitre and Associates.  I'm so glad I decided to call them that first day.  Michelle was easy to reach, she listened, and gave me excellent support and guidance that ultimately ended the case in my favor.  Without her, I would either be unemployed or out on short term disability at only 60% of my salary.  Thanks Michelle!”

[1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.

October 1, 2018

After a 2 and 1/2-year fight, where the Agency only provided the client with an initial settlement offer of $5,000. However, the client bravely stayed the course and allowed Pitre & Associates to continue to fight his case with the guidance that based on the facts in his matter, a positive outcome would result. Consequently, prior to proceeding to an EEOC hearing, the Agency finally relented and settled the case under client’s terms of approximately $50,000 which included 2018 Laffey rate attorney’s fees. The client was 100% pleased with the outcome.

[1] Client wishes for his identity to remain anonymous.

July 1, 2018

Attorneys Michelle de Vera and A. Marques Pitre Successfully Negotiate $50,000 Settlement in Client's [1] Sexual Harassment Suit Against the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The client, after experiencing unwanted touching, and an inappropriate sexual comment from a fellow Agency employee, filed a Formal Complaint of Sexual Harassment against the Agency. When the client made it to the EEOC Hearing phase of her case, she reached out to the firm to acquire assistance with her matter. Within 2 months of representation, this firm was able to negotiate a settlement agreement that included a $50,000 award including attorney’s fees at the 2018 Laffey Rate, the client receiving one additional day of telework per week, and a new workspace completely away from her offender. The client was very pleased with the outcome of her case and had the following to say: 

After being let down by the lack of support from VA leadership for over 2 1/2 years, and feeling like I had nowhere else to turn, Pitre & Associates provided me an opportunity to be HEARD.  The attorneys listened to my concerns and provided me with honest guidance, and kept me headed in the right direction with clear explanations on the EEO laws.  They stepped in and fought for my rights, and refused to allow me to settle for anything less than what I deserved.  

 [1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.

September 20, 2017

Pitre & Associates, LLC Successfully Reverses The United States Patent & Trademark Office’s Removal Of Client [1], After Representing And Arguing Client’s Case At A MSPB Hearing. The Agency Decided Against Allowing The Administrative Judge To Issue A Decision In The Case And, Per The AJ’s Recommendation, Entered Into A Settlement Agreement Instead Of Taking The Case To Completion. The Agency Agreed To Rescind Their Previously Issued Proposed Removal, Decision On Removal, Provide The Client A Clean Record, A Neutral Reference Letter, Pay Client 6 Months Backpay, Approximately 6 Months Front Pay, And Pay Client’s Attorney’s Fees At The 2017-2018 Laffey Rates. Total Compensation For Client Exceeded $110,000.

[1] Client wishes his/her identity remain anonymous

September 8, 2017

Pitre & Associations, LLC Successfully Defends Client [1] Against The U.S. Customs And Border Patrol’s Proposed 10-Day Suspension. After Entering A Notice Of Appearance, Providing A Written And Oral Reply, The Agency’s Deciding Official Agreed With Our Position And Did Not Sustain The Charges Or Specifications As Alleged; And As A Result, The Client’s Record Remained Unblemished.

[1] Client wishes his/her identity remain anonymous

August 31, 2017

During My Recent Dispute With My Agency, Both Mr. Pitre And Ms. De Vera Were Diligent Advocates For Me.  They Took Pains To Listen To Me And Understood That I Had Been Treated Unfairly.  My Agency Had No Real Reason To Terminate My Employment Other Than A Personal Vendetta. The Result Of Mr. Pitre's & Ms. De Vera's Representation Was That My Agency Had To Rescind And Expunge Their Proposal To Remove Me From Federal Service And Take Other Corrective Actions To My Record.  I Can't Say Enough About Pitre & Associates; They Saved My Job When My Bosses Tried To Terminate Me Only A Short Time Away From Retirement Eligibility.

[1] Client wishes his/her identity remain anonymous

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