Associate Michelle de Vera successfully negotiates client’s [1] ability to continue to telework 100% while she deals with a debilitating disability

November 1, 2018

After threat of the removal of her ability to perform the essential functions of her position while under a Reasonable Accommodation, and also being issued the directive to go on unpaid short-term disability; the client reached out to Pitre and Associates for assistance. After working on the case for just over three months, this firm was able to secure the client’s position with the Agency and allow her to continue to perform her duties under a 100% telework agreement.  

The client had the following to add to this success story: “I was so appreciative of the professionalism of the people at Pitre and Associates.  I'm so glad I decided to call them that first day.  Michelle was easy to reach, she listened, and gave me excellent support and guidance that ultimately ended the case in my favor.  Without her, I would either be unemployed or out on short term disability at only 60% of my salary.  Thanks Michelle!”

[1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.