Pitre & Associates, LLC Successfully Reverses the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s Client Removal

September 20, 2017

Pitre & Associates, LLC Successfully Reverses The United States Patent & Trademark Office’s Removal Of Client [1], After Representing And Arguing Client’s Case At A MSPB Hearing. The Agency Decided Against Allowing The Administrative Judge To Issue A Decision In The Case And, Per The AJ’s Recommendation, Entered Into A Settlement Agreement Instead Of Taking The Case To Completion. The Agency Agreed To Rescind Their Previously Issued Proposed Removal, Decision On Removal, Provide The Client A Clean Record, A Neutral Reference Letter, Pay Client 6 Months Backpay, Approximately 6 Months Front Pay, And Pay Client’s Attorney’s Fees At The 2017-2018 Laffey Rates. Total Compensation For Client Exceeded $110,000.

[1] Client wishes his/her identity remain anonymous