Success: Agency Rescinds and Expunges Client Removal Proposal

August 31, 2017

During My Recent Dispute With My Agency, Both Mr. Pitre And Ms. De Vera Were Diligent Advocates For Me.  They Took Pains To Listen To Me And Understood That I Had Been Treated Unfairly.  My Agency Had No Real Reason To Terminate My Employment Other Than A Personal Vendetta. The Result Of Mr. Pitre's & Ms. De Vera's Representation Was That My Agency Had To Rescind And Expunge Their Proposal To Remove Me From Federal Service And Take Other Corrective Actions To My Record.  I Can't Say Enough About Pitre & Associates; They Saved My Job When My Bosses Tried To Terminate Me Only A Short Time Away From Retirement Eligibility.

[1] Client wishes his/her identity remain anonymous