LizMary Mejia (Law Clerk)

LizMary Mejia

LizMary joined the offices of Pitre & Associates, LLC in December 2017 to utilize her talents to assist it’s associates and to serve the firm’s client’s as a Law Clerk. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Alvernia University and has experience within the Court system and with Federal Law in the areas of Immigration and General Practice. These experiences has provided her with significant value in her pursuit of a Legal Career. As an Intern Investigator within the Felony Division of the Public Defender Services for the District of Columbia, LizMary gained invaluable knowledge in furtherance of that pursuit. During her time at PDS she discovered her passion for Law and is currently enrolled at the University of District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law in hopes to one day become an attorney herself.